Mediation & Arbitration

Over 10,000 Mediations Conducted

Over 320 Hours of Mediation and Arbitration Training

Louisiana Registered Civil Mediator pursuant to La. R.S. 9:4106 since the inception of the Registry in 1998 

Charter Mediator with Workers' Compensation Court, State of Louisiana, for ten (10) years (1992 - 2002)

Judge with Workers' Compensation Court, State of Louisiana (2002 - Present)

Mediator and Arbitrator panelist with numerous organizations involving a wide range of different subject matters, including but not limited to personal injury/tort law, employment law, discrimination, securities, business disputes, contract, construction, automobile warrranties, landlord/tenant disputes, and general civil disputes

Experienced Sole Mediator, Co-Mediator, Sole Arbitrator, Arbitrator Panel Member & Arbitrator Panel Chairman

ADR speaker and trainer

Member of ADR Section of the Louisiana State Bar Assn. and other professional organizations

Additional information upon request


Available as Mediator, Co-Mediator, Arbitrator, Arbitrator Panel Member & Arbitrator Panel Chairman

Facilitative, Directive and Transformative Mediation Styles as requested by parties

ADR services available in-person or via telephone, e-mail or online.

Available as ADR speaker and trainer

References and rates upon request

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